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They produce in France. They have been partners of INTERIEURS CUIR Act 1 and INTERIEURS CUIR Act 2. They are all specialist tanners or dressers: Alran Sas Tannerie Mégisserie / Tannerie Arnal / Mégisserie Bodin Joyeux / Tannerie Rémy Carriat / Tannerie Degermann / Tanneries Du Puy / Mégisserie Guyard Chesneau (Relma) / Tanneries Haas / HCP (Gordon Choisy - TCIM) / Hervy Mercier Trading / Mégisserie Jullien / Tanneries Roux.

An often ancestral know-how combined with the latest technology allows these companies to get the most from the material and meet the demands of the worldwide luxury goods and fashion sectors, in addition to the increasing demand from the home and interiors sector. In doing so they have demonstrated that leather is just as suitable to small-scale items as large architectural projects.


CTC, the Center for the Economic Development of Leather, Footwear and Leathergoods, member of the CTI network, has a public-service mission to assist tanners and dressers and companies working in the raw hides, footwear, leather-goods and glove making sector. These collective services are the subject of a performance contract signed with the French authorities and drawn up in consultation with the professional Federations. The services have been divided into 7 categories :

- Standardization

-R&D - Innovation

-Economic Intelligence

-management of expertise and employment

-Fashion and Trends

-Design assistance

-Promotion in France and support internationally

CTCTo carry out its work, CTC receives the proceeds of a tax levied on the income of member companies. According to the type of project, CTC can act as an "operator" by directly managing the work in cooperation with the profession and the companies, particularly for projects relating to standardization and innovation. CTC can also take on the role of "funder" of collective operations presented by the professional Federations and the companies, as part of an economic development commission, for example during sector promotion activities or international support.

The results of its efforts are available via a variety of media : publications, websites, newsletters, reports, training, seminars, etc. The company is managed using a number of multiyear performance indicators that measure the improvement in the quality of services provided to companies.

In parallel, CTC carries out a commercial activity as a service provider, specialised in quality control which includes 8 services : audit, physical and biomechanical tests, chemical analyses, CE marking, advice and training. These services are in addition to the collective actions and receive no collective funding. Instead they use accredited subsidiaries and laboratories based in Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America.

To successfully carry out these actions, CTC group can draw on :

-The expertise of the 210 people it employs throughout the world

-A strong training programme for its staff

-Physical-mechanical test laboratories

-Chemical analysis laboratories

-Its participation in creating European standards

-A European campus based in Lyon specialised in research and training and open to designers

-Unique documentary resources supported by an economic intelligence unit

-Its internet portal,, leader in its field.