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In September 2008, the French Tanners and Dressers Association (FFTM) in partnership with twelve French tanners and dressers and CTC (The Professional Committee for the Economic Development of Leather, Footwear and Leathergoods) presented INTERIEURS CUIR - Act 1, a collective promotional operation.

The aim of this operation was to raise awareness of the many uses of French leather in the home, through the creation of decorative objects, furniture, floor tiles and wall coverings in leather. At this event, French leather caused a stir with its infinite range of properties and scope of applications.

Buoyed by this initial success, the initiative had to go further.

INTERIEURS CUIR - Act 2 thus continued the work started in 2008, further developing creative and technical possibilities and showcasing innovations with leather. FFTM and CTC chose the designer François Azambourg to lead this operation because of the innovative perspectives that he is able to bring to the use of leather.

Act 2

Tufted chair

All-leather cushion

Fluted Lamp

Double Croc

Striding High Table


They produce in France. They have been partners of INTERIEURS CUIR Act 1 and INTERIEURS CUIR Acte 2. They are all specialist tanners or dressers: Alran Sas Tannerie Mégisserie / Tannerie Arnal / Mégisserie Bodin Joyeux / Tannerie Rémy Carriat / Tannerie Degermann / Tanneries Du Puy / Mégisserie Guyard Chesneau (Relma) / Tanneries Haas / HCP (Gordon Choisy - TCIM) / Hervy Mercier Trading / Mégisserie Jullien / Tanneries Roux.

An often ancestral know-how combined with the latest technology allows these companies to get the most from the material and meet the demands of the worldwide luxury goods and fashion sectors, in addition to the increasing demand from the home and interiors sector. In doing so they have demonstrated that leather is just as suitable to small-scale items as large architectural projects.

Act 1